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The European Union Studies Program Certificate (EUSP-C) in the College of Liberal Arts and Science is designed by the Center for European Studies (CES) to give UF students the opportunity to gain EU expertise through multi-disciplinary course work.The EUSP-C is open to all UF undergraduates. To be eligible students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5. The certificate requires completion of an exit survey and a total of 12 hours of course work. A maximum of 6 credits may be double-counted with a major/minor.


All future term certificate applicants must go through Admissions using the new application system:

EUSP Minor vs. EUSP Certificate

  Minor Certificate
Required Course 1 1
Core Courses 2 1
Enhanced Courses 3 2
Capstone Requirement Study Abroad / Internship None
C or better in EUSP courses Yes Yes
Overall GPA over 2.5 Yes Yes
Double-counted credits Up to 2 courses Up to 2 courses
Exit Survey Yes Yes

The best way for students to find out their EUSP status is by emailing Lisa Booth.


The EUSP Fall 2017 schedule  lists all current or previously offered courses. Additional courses with European Union content not listed in the EUSP curriculum may be counted as area studies core or enhanced courses by petition. Petitions should include the semester and place the course was completed, the full course syllabus, a statement of how the course was European Union–related and summary of European Union content as well as the full contact information for the professor of the course.

If you are planning on graduating this semester with a certificate (such as International Relations, European Union Studies, East-Central European Studies, etc), please make sure to apply online through ISIS. Please do so ASAP if you are planning on graduating this semester.

For more information on the EUSP Certificate submit the online sign-up form.