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The Center for European Studies (CES), cooperating with participating academic units, offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate Minor in East-Central European Studies (ECES) with two primary goals. First, it provides students with the opportunity to study the region of Central and Eastern Europe from an interdisciplinary perspective that incorporates both area and language studies. Second, by requiring two semesters of language study (beyond the two-semester CLAS language requirement), students have the opportunity to enhance language proficiency beyond the introductory level. Or students could choose to study another language to broaden their international horizon. In either case, students have the chance to engage in Study Abroad Programs related to the CES.

A minor in ECES provides an organized course of study for less and least commonly taught languages that do not offer stand alone majors and where two semesters of study is not sufficient for students to perform adequately in the target language (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish). Furthermore, an area studies minor that includes less and least commonly taught languages as core requirements fills a niche since there are no comparable programs in the state of Florida. The ECES Minor is open to all UF undergraduates. ECES schedule Fall 2020.

The requirements for the undergraduate ECES Minor are commensurate with minors currently offered by other CLAS departments and centers, including the EUSP minor offered by the CES. A minimum of 18-22 credits is required. In addition to two semesters (6-10 credits; the number of credits varies by language and level of instruction) of a language beyond the CLAS language requirement, the ECES minor requires students to fill out an exit survey and complete the following:

  • 3 credits from the required curricula
  • 9 credits from the electives. A maximum of 6 credits may be double-counted with a major or minor.

ECES Minor vs. ECES Certificate

  Minor Certificate
Required Course 1 1
Core Courses 2 semesters of a language beyond CLAS requirements 1 semester of a language beyond CLAS requirements
Elective Courses 3 2
Capstone Requirement Study Abroad recommended none
C or better in ECES courses Yes Yes
Overall GPA over 2.5 Yes Yes
Courses Exclusively Counted Toward Minor/Certificate 6 credits must be exclusive to the minor 9 credits must be unique to the certificate
Exit Survey Yes Yes


To apply for the ECES Minor, please fill out Application to Add or Cancel a Minor and return to Office of the University Registrar, PO Box 114000, 222 Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL  32611-4000.