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Students pursuing the EUSP Minor may complete an appropriate internship in exchange for an approved EUSP Study Abroad Program. To be approved for the EUSP Minor, the internship must be relevant to some aspect of the European Union.

Students are expected to arrange their own internships. Students who select one which is not listed must provide an explanation/justification of the internship’s relevance to EU studies.

Students pursuing an internship must register for three (3) credit hours of EUS 4905 Independent Study with any EUSP faculty. The work requirements of the independent study course must be specified by the instructor and approved by the CES Director. Students are expected to work at their internship 10-12 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters, 14-16 hours during summer C, and 24-28 hours during summer A and B.

In addition to their intern duties, students are required to keep a daily log and write a 10-12 page research paper that blends the relevant academic literature with insights gained from the student’s internship. The paper can be on a topic of the student’s choosing, but it must be related to the internship and it must be pre-approved by the CES Director. The daily journal and paper are due at noon on the last day of classes of the semester.

All Internships are graded pass/fail (S/U).

Students can apply no more than three hours of internships towards the EUSP minor.

Students are eligible to enroll for credit for an internship no more than two weeks after a semester has begun. The student will be responsible for any late fees charged by the Registrar. Once students have secured an internship, they must fill out a short application to be enrolled and to receive academic credit.

Internship Application

The application form can be obtained in the CES Main Office, 3324 Turlington Hall, or downloaded here: