Eva Havasi



Eva Havasi
University of Florida
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Eva Havasi is a sociologist who specializes in social statistics. She lives in Budapest and is senior adviser in the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. Her main area of research is poverty and income inequality. Her 2003 Ph. D. dissertation, “Do Statistics Lie? On the Objectivity of Statistics as Revealed by Data on Poverty,” explored some of the methodological issues of research in this field. In 2003 Eva Havasi received the Karl Polanyi Award for her study, Poverty and Exclusion in Contemporary Hungary[i]and in 2010 she was awarded the Ferenc Gyulay Prize for her work on income inequalities in Hungary during the last half a century.[ii] Eva Havasi will be a visiting scholar at The University of Florida, Gainesville for the Fall Semester of 2014. She will be teaching two courses: a Hungarian language seminar, using today’s public reports, poems, hits, and a social-science methods seminar, “How to measure the immeasurable?” Students will be introduced to a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods through examples from actual social-science inquiries, such as happiness research.This semester Eva Havasi will teach Hungarian language as well as “Poverty in Europe.”[i] http://www.szociologia.hu/dynamic/RevSoc_2002_2_HavasiE_Poverty_and_exclusion.pdf)[ii] The Main Characteristics of the Hungarian Inequalities based on the Income Surveys in the last half century (With Ödön Eltető) http://www.ksh.hu/statszemle_archive/2009/2009_01/2009_01_005.pdf).