Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive a FLAS fellowship?

Graduate and undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals or permanent U.S. residents, and who are enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) at the University of Florida.

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May an undergraduate student apply for and receive a FLAS?

Yes. Undergraduate students pursuing language study at the intermediate or advanced level of the languages specified are eligible for FLAS funding. Please see specific eligibility requirements for summer and academic year fellowships.

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For what time period is a FLAS awarded?

A FLAS can be awarded for either a full academic year or summer.

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What are the requirements for using a FLAS award?

FLAS fellowships are awarded for:

  • Full-time study at the University of Florida during the academic year. In exceptional cases, funding can be used for a study abroad program if the language or language level is not offered at UF.
  • A formal domestic or international program of intensive language study during the summer.

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What are the course requirements for academic year FLAS fellows?

Academic year FLAS fellows must each semester of the AY:

  • Be enrolled full-time (12 credits for both graduate and undergraduate students)
  • Enroll in 3-credits of language study (in the language in which the student received the FLAS)
  • Enroll in 3-credits of an area studies course related to the country or region in which the language is spoken.
  • Take all classes for a letter grade (i.e. courses cannot be taken pass/fail)
  • Have your language faculty submit a pre- and post- language study assessment through the Department of Education IRIS system.

Academic year FLAS fellows conducting dissertation research must be extensively using foreign language sources at the advanced level in order to be considered to fulfill the requirement. The academic year FLAS award should provide the fellow with the equivalent of a full academic year’s worth of formal language training.

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Can an academic year FLAS recipient take a semester or quarter off and finish work for the award period during the summer of following academic year?

No. Students who do not complete their FLAS requirements during the original award period forfeit the remaining portion of their awards. Similarly, if extenuating circumstances prevent a student from accepting/using a FLAS academic year award during the academic year, the fellowship is forfeited and subsequently awarded to a deserving alternate on the FLAS list.

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May a student request a “Pass/Fail” grade, even though there is a specified grading system (letter grade or percent grade) in place for the course?

No. FLAS program regulations (§657.3) specify a student’s grade point average and the institution’s performance-based instruction program as a eligibility requirements. Therefore, allowing a student to take a course “Pass/Fail” is contrary to these requirements, and it diminishes the capacity to assess the student’s progress and language training in a quantifiable and meaningful way. Additionally, when IEPS reviews FLAS annual and final performance reports, it is much easier to see the overall merit of the FLAS fellowship if discrete grades are indicated on the performance report.

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Is there a limit on the number of FLAS fellowships the same student may receive?

The program law and regulations do not restrict the cumulative number of academic year or summer fellowships you may award to the same student. What you may not do, however, is to give the same student more than one academic year fellowship or more than one summer fellowship during a single award period.

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What are the guidelines for determining whether a summer language program is “intensive”?

The IEPS threshold for determining the number of contact hours for a summer language program meets the “intensive” requirement is 140 or more hours of instruction for students at the beginning and intermediate levels, and 120 hours for advanced-level students. The summer FLAS awards should provide each fellow with the equivalent of a full academic year’s worth of language instruction, and students must attend a program that is a minimum of 6 weeks in length.


For questions contact:

Corinne Tomasi
CES FLAS Coordinator
University of Florida
3324 Turlington Hall
PO Box 117342
Gainesville, FL  32611

(352) 294-7144