Michael Schuering

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Michael Schuering
University of Florida
230 Keene-Flint
Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 273-3393


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Tues.: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
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Michael Schuering, DAAD Scholar, has worked at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and the Institute for the History of Science and Technology at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. From 2006 to 2011 he has taught at the University of California, Berkeley. Michael Schuering’s teaching interests include Modern Germany and Europe, history of science and technology, and environmental history. He has published a book and several articles about the history of refugee scholars who had been expelled from Nazi Germany. He recently published a new book entitled, “Bekennen gegen den Atomstaat“. Die evangelischen Kirchen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und die Konflikte um die Atomenergie (“Professing against the Atomic State”. The Protestant Churches in West Germany and the Conflicts Concerning Atomic Energy (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2015)”