Previous LTSI Workshops

The Center for European Studies has provided the Language Teacher Summer Institute (LTSI) since 2005. Up to 15 middle and high school foreign language teachers from across the state can cultivate new skills and ideas for creating a more exciting and interactive classroom environment. The two-week workshop includes both classroom and computer lab time.


In 2015, the Language Teacher Summer Institute at UF was held from July 13 – July 24. Lodging & tuition was paid for by the Center for European Studies.  UF Spanish lecturers Caridad Jiménez and Kathryn Dwyer-Navajas did a great job running this year’s program.

The goal of the LTSI is to help language teachers cultivate new skills and ideas for creating a more exciting and interactive classroom environment through the incorporation of new pedagogical techniques and new technological tools. This goal will be accomplished through daily discussions on theoretical pedagogical and methodological practices, open and guided conversations, peer microteaching sessions, introduction to technological tools and approaches, daily reflection, and activity design, creation, and critiquing. In order to earn credit for having participated in the workshop, teachers will be required to:

  1. Engage fully in discussions and activities
  2. Participate in the discussion board project
  3. Design and share two activities
  4. Create and present a final project:

At the end of the workshop, we will post interactive lesson plans, accounts, and other highlights to share with the teaching community.  We will also post links to view the class videos online, so please check back with us!

Past  LTSI Experiences

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