CES sponsored, co-sponsored, or supported event videos

“Fighting ‘Gayropa’: Instrumentalization of LGBT Rights in Ukrainian Public Debate”, Maryna Shevtsova, CES visiting Fulbright Scholar, 1/16/19

“Reflections from the EU CyanoCOST Project on Diversity, Prevention, Control, and Mitigation of Cyanobacteria” , Dail Laughinghouse, UF Phycology, 12/6/18

“How to Monitor Sea Turtle Populations: Understanding the Population Dynamics of Loggerhead Turtles in Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece” , George Glen, UF Biology, 11/6/18

“Czech and Slovak Emigre Panel” ,Paul Gazda, Paul Kucera, and Anna Rybar, 10/27/18

“Information Politics in the Digital Age: Addressing the Issue of Social Media Election Meddling” , Phillip Arceneaux, UF Telecommunications, 10/23/18

“Ex Post Facto: How the Story of Normalization Played Out on Television” , Paulina Bren, Vassar College, 10/18/18

“Integration Methods of Romani People in Hungarian Society” , Caroline Montes, UF Political Science, International Studies, and Russian Studies, 10/2/18

Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Accords: 20 Years After , conference with Brendan O’Leary, Adrian Guelke, Maria Adriana Deiana, and John McGarry, 3/29/18

Getting Russia Right in the Era of Fake News , David Filipov, former Moscow Bureau Chief of The Washington Post, 2/20/18

The European Union in a Changing Landscape , Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy, 11/1/2017

Brexit: UK & Europe’s Politic-economic Future , panel with Patrick Crowley, Jae-Jae Spoon, and Amie Kreppel, 9/15/2016