Faculty Publications

Dror Abend-David (UF)

Representing Translation: Languages, Translation, and Translators in Contemporary Media. Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming 2018.

Media and Translation: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Bloomsbury Academic, 2014 (softcover 2016).

Michael Bernhard (UF)

The Moore Thesis:  What’s Left after 1989? Democratization, 2016.

Chronic Instability and the Limits of Path DependencePerspectives on Politics, 2015

Sylvie Blum-Reid (UF)

Traveling in French Cinema. Palgrave MacMillan, 2016.

Pamela Merrill Brekka (UF)

Sacri tabernaculi orthographia. In Voir double. Pièges et révélations du visible, eds. M. Weemans, D. Gamboni and J. Martin, Hazan Press, 2016.

Picturing the ‘Living’ Tabernacle in the Antwerp Polyglot Bible. In The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosm and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Arts, eds. W. Melion, M. Weeman and B. Rothstein, Brill Press, 2014.

Florin Curta (UF)

East Central Europe: the gate to Byzantium. Byzantinische Zeitschrift, 2015.

Larry A. DiMatteo (UF)

Comparative Contract Law: British and American Perspectives. With M. Hogg. Oxford University Press, 2016.

Bonnie Effros (UF)

The Enduring Attraction of the Pirenne Thesis. Speculum, 2017.

Museum-Building in Nineteenth-Century Algeria: Colonial Narratives in French Collections of Classical Antiquities. Journal of the History of Collections, 2016.

Robert W. Emerson (UF)

Directing the Disjointed: A Call to Harmonize EU Franchise Law. International Journal of Franchising Law, 2014.

George R. Esenwein (UF)

Confronting Spain’s Troubled Past: Burnett Bolloten’s Legacy as a Civil War Scholar. Introduction to Burnett Bolloten’s The Spanish Civil War: Revolution and Counterrevolution. University of North Carolina Press, 2015.

The Persistence of Politics: The Impact of the Cold War on Anglo-American writings on the Spanish Civil War, 1939-1959. Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 2014.

Michael S. Gorham (UF)

O ‘падонках’ и ‘кибердружинниках’: Виртуальные источники порчи языка (From ‘Scumbags’ to ‘Cyberpatrols’: Digital Sources of Discursive Contamination), trans. K. Gusarova. In Настройка языкаУправление коммуникациями на постсоветскомпространстве (Tuning Language: Communication Management in Post-Soviet Space), ed. E. Lapina-Kratasyuk, O. Moroz, and E. Nim Moscow, NLO Press, 2016.

After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin. Cornell University Press, 2014.

Victor Harris (UF)

The role of friendship, trust and love in happy German marriages. With K. Bedard, D. Moen and P. Alvarez-Perez. Marriage and Family Review, 2016.

Spanish-Moroccan families in the context of family diversity in Spain: Challenges for the construction of interculturalism. With O. Vazquez-Aguado, M. Fernandez-Borrero and P. Alvarez-Perez. Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics, 2015.

Amie Kreppel (CES Director)

Decision-making in the EU before and after the Lisbon Treaty. With M. Hosli, B. Plechanova and A. Verdun (Eds.). Routledge Press, 2015.

Italian Politics: Events and Interpretations, 2013 Edition. With C. Fusaro (Eds.). Berghann Publishers, 2014.

Conor O’Dwyer (CES Faculty)

What Accounts for Party System Stability? Comparing the Dimensions of Party Competition in Postcommunist EuropeEurope-Asia Studies, 2014.

Jennifer A. Rea (UF)

Transforming Civic Space into Sacred Space in the Passio of Perpetua and Felicitas. Classical Outlook, 2016.

Esther Romeyn (CES Faculty)

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: Spectropolitics and Immigration. Theory, Culture & Society, 2014.

Elizabeth Ross (UF)

Picturing Experience in the Early Printed Book: Breydenbach’s Peregrinatio from Venice to Jerusalem. Penn State University Press, 2014.

Emrah Sahin (CES Faculty)

Money, Power, and the Bible: America, the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans. In M. Savas Kafkasyali, ed. Islam in the Balkans: Unexpired Hope. Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency, 2016.

Sultan’s America: Lessons from Ottoman Encounters with the United StatesJournal of American Studies of Turkey, 2014.

Michael Schüring (CES Faculty)

Bekennen gegen den Atomstaat: Die evangelischen Kirchen in der Bundesrepublik und die Konflikte um die Atomenergie (Professing against the Atomic State: The Protestant Churches in Germany and the Conflicts Concerning Nuclear Energy). Wallstein, 2015.

Zwischen und Ökobiblizismus und Neo-Animismus: Aspekte alternativer Gegenwelten in den Evangelischen Kirchen der Bundesrepublik um 1980 (Between Ecobiblicism and Neo-Animism: Aspects of an alternative counterculture in the Protestant churches of the Federal Republic ca. 1980). Geschichte und Gesellschaft, 2015.

Gonda Van Steen (UF)

State of Emergency: Theater and Public Performance under the Greek Military Dictatorship of 1967-1974. Oxford University Press, 2015.