Former Students’ Publications

Publications by CES-Affiliated UF Graduates

Stephanie Boluk (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

“Serial Death and the Zombie: The Networked Necronomics of Left 4 Dead” Birthing the Monster of Tomorrow: Unnatural Reproductions. Eds. Brandy Shillace and Andrea Wood. Cambria Press (2014).

“Dwarven Epitaphs: Procedurally-Generated Storytelling in Videogames.” Comparative Textual Media: Interplays Between Making and Critique. N. Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman (eds).  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press (2013). With Patrick LeMieux.

“Stretched Skulls: Anamorphic Games and the Memento Mortem Mortis.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 6.2 (Fall 2012). Co-authored with Patrick LeMieux.

Heidi M Bowman (CES Academic Year FLAS Receipient)

Bowman, Heidi M. and Marjorie A. Hoy. “Molecular discrimination of phytoselids associated with the red palm mite Raoiella indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from Mauritius and South Africa. Experimental and Appliced Acarology. 2012; 57(3-4): 395-407.

Natalia Buta

Buta, Natalia, Mark A. Brennan, and Stephen M. Holland. “A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Community Attachment in Rural Romania.” Journal of Rural Social Sciences 27.1 (2012): 24-51.

Buta, Natalia, Stephen M. Holland, and Tinelle D. Bustam. “Residents’ interactions with and attachments to Retezat National Park, Romania: implications for environmental responsibility.” World Leisure Journal 55.2 (2013): 151-166.

Bustam, Tinelle D., Natalia Buta, and Taylor V. Stein. “The role of certification in international ecotourism operators’ internet promotion of education.” Journal of Ecotourism 11.2 (2012): 85-101.

Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro

Cabrelli Amaro, J., Flynn. S, & Rothman, J. (2012). Third language acquisition in adulthood. (2012). John Benjamins.

Cabrelli Amaro, J. (2013). Methodological issues in L3 phonological acquisition research. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 6(1), 101-117.

Cabrelli Amaro, J., Iverson, M., & Judy, T. (2009). N-drop at the L3 initial state and its relationship to the L2 steady state. In A. Pires & J. Rothman (Eds.), Minimalist inquiries into child and adult language acquisition: Case studies across Portuguese (pp.177-198). Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Rosa Maria Castenada (FLAC Grant Receipient)

Chaudry, Ajay, Randy Capps, Juan Manuel Pedroza, Rosa Maria Castaneda, Robert Santos, and Molly M. Scott. “Facing Our Future: Children in the Aftermath of Immigration Enforcement.” Urban Institute (NJ1) (2010).

Melanie D’Amico (CES Summer FLAS Receipient)

D’Amico, M. (2014). Exploring the development of communication abilities of intermediate-high Spanish learners during online chatting.Journal of Advances in Linguistics 4 (3), 376-387.

D’Amico, M. (2014). Comentario sobre el artículo de Maripaz García: El problema de los pronombres para los aprendices de español como segunda lengua. Revista Nebrija de Lingüística Aplicada 16.

D’Amico, M. (2013). Approaching the direct object pronouns: How much grammatical form is necessary in instruction? Open Journal of Modern Linguistics 3 (4), 319-329.

Eleanor Finnegan (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

“What Traditions are Represented in Religion and Ecology? A Perspective from an American Scholar of Islam,” in Inherited Land: The Changing Grounds of Religion and Ecology, edited by Whitney A. Bauman, Richard R. Bohannon II, and Kevin J. O’Brien. Oregon: Pickwick Publication, 2011, 64-79

“Cultivating Faith: The Relationship between Islam and Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Communities of American Muslims,” in Global Food Insecurity: Rethinking Agricultural and Rural Development Paradigm and Policy, edited by Mohamed Behnassi, Sidney Draggan, and Sanni Yaya. Netherlands: Springer, 2011, 53-62.

“Representin’ Women: Signification of Women’s Bodies in Muslim Hip-Hop.” Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. In Press.

Kathryn Fredericks

Translation from French: “Bodies, Odors and Perfumes in Arab-Muslim Societies” Chapter 33 (pages 391-398). Published in: The Smell Culture Reader. Ed. Jim Drobnick. Berg Publishers, Oxford, U.K., 2006.

Translation from French: “Thick Sauce: Remarks on the Social Relations of the Songhay” Chapter 12 (pages 131-141). Published in: The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink. Ed. Carolyn Korsmeyer. Berg Publishers, Oxford, U.K., 2005.

Afshin Hafizi

” Eghtesade Mahdoode Safar Namehaye Mohajeran.” (“The Restricted economy of Immigrant Autobiography”) Pazhuhesh-e Zabanhaye Khareji (Research Journal of Foreign Languages), University of Tehran, Iran, forthcoming 2012.

Hafizi, Afshin, and Angela Merta. “Modern Iranian Women’s Poetry in Translation.” In The Dirty Goat, Volume 19: September 2008.

Tiffany Judy

Judy, Tiffany, Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, and Jason Rothman. “Adult accessibility to L2 representational features: Evidence from the Spanish DP.” Selected proceedings of second language research forum. 2007.

Rothman, Jason, Tiffany Judy, Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, and Acrisio Pires. “On the (un)-ambiguity of Adjectival Modification in Spanish Determiner Phrases.”Studies in Second Language Acquisition 32, no. 01 (2010): 47-77.

Namita Manohar (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

Manohar, Namita N. “Families in India.” In C. Shehan (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Family Studies. New York: Wiley-Blackwell. (Books and Publications: Forthcoming Publications) 2014

Manohar, Namita N., & Pauline E. Bullen. “In the Web of the 21st Century American Academy: Reflections of a Black and an Indian Female Faculty.” In D. J. Davis, R. Brunn-Bevel, and J. Olive (Eds.) Intersectionality in Educational Rearch. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.(Books and Publications: Forthcoming Publications) 2014

“Support Networks, Ethnic Spaces, and Fictive Kin: Indian Immigrant Women Constructing Community in the United States.” AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) Nexus Journal 11.1&2: 26-51. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2013

Patrick McHenry (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

“Vanguard Assemblages: New Media and the Enthymeme,” Kritikos: Journal of Postmodern Sound, Text, and Image. 2.9 (2005). ISSN 1552-5112.

Melinda Negron-Gonzalez

Negrón-Gonzales, Melinda. “Cooperation Between Secular and Religious Rights Organizations in Turkey.” Turkish Studies 13.3 (2012): 415-430.

Negrón-Gonzales, Melinda, and Michael Contarino. “Local Norms Matter: Understanding National Responses to the Responsibility to Protect.” Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations 20.2 (2014): 255-276.

Contarino, Michael, Melinda Negron-Gonzales, and Kevin T. Mason. “The International Criminal Court and Consolidation of the Responsibility to Protect as an International Norm.” Global Responsibility to Protect 4.3 (2012): 275-308.

Brian Mistler (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

Mistler, B. J. & Wraight-Steinmetz, M (2011, March). Neuro-inclusive Student Affairs Cultures in Higher Ed. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). Philadelphia, PA.

Mistler, B. J., Mapstone, D , & VanLone, J. (2011, March). Retention and Outcome Measure Development for Non-Psychometricians. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). Philadelphia, PA.

Mistler, B.J. (2011). Gestalt Theory & The Expressive Arts. In Degges-White, S. & Davis, N. Integrating the Creative Arts into Theory-Based Counseling Practice (pp. 133-137). New York, NY: Springer.

Pavel Murdzhev

Murdzhev, Pavel. “The Rise of Towns in The Byzantine and Bulgarian Lands, Thirteenth to Fourteenth Century.” Historia Urbana XIX (2011): 55-83.

Kuniyuki Nishimura

Nishimura, Kuniyuki. “Worlds of our remembering The agent–structure problem as the search for identity.” Cooperation and Conflict 46.1 (2011): 96-112.

Diego Pascual Y Cabo (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

Cabo, Diego Pascual Y., and Jason Rothman. “The (Il) logical problem of heritage speaker bilingualism and incomplete acquisition.” Applied linguistics(2012): ams037.

De Prada Pérez, Ana, and Diego Pascual y Cabo. “Invariable gusta in the Spanish of Heritage Speakers in the US.” Proceedings of the Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. Cascadilla Proceedings (2011): 110-20.

Samuel Pierce (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

The Political Mobilization of Catholic Women in Spain’s Second Republic: The CEDA, 1931–1936,” Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 45, no. 1 (January 2010), 74–94.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez-Prieto (CES FLAC Grant Receipient)

Prieto, Juan Pablo Rodríguez. “The use of clickers to assess knowledge in foreign language classes and their failure to increase reading compliance.”Revista de lingüística y lenguas aplicadas 9 (2014): 88-96.

Prieto, Juan Pablo Rodríguez. “Emotional intelligence, motivational orientations, and motivational learning effort and achievement in Spanish as a foreign language.” On the 12 th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Ball State University. Somerville. 2010.

Francisco Salgado-Robles (CES FLAC Grant Receipient)

Salgado-Robles, Francisco. “The Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence through Community-Service Learning in the Hispanic Community.” (2012).

Ermitte St. Jacques (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

Jacques, Ermitte St. “5 Between Periphery and Center in the Haitian Diaspora.”Geographies of the Haitian Diaspora (2011): 91.

Jace Stuckey

Stuckey, Jace. “Charlemagne as Crusader? Memory, Propaganda, and the Many Uses of Charlemagne’s Legendary Expedition to Spain.” The Legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages. Power, Faith, and Crusade: 137-152.

Gabriele, Matthew, and Jace Stuckey, eds. The Legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

Anna Szyniszewska (CES Graduate Course Development Grant Receipient)

Szyniszewska, Anna M., and Peter R. Waylen. “Determining the daily rainfall characteristics from the monthly rainfall totals in central and northeastern Thailand.” Applied Geography 35.1 (2012): 377-393.

Amila Tica (Turkish Studies student) 

“Benefits of Turkish foster interest in American universities” Today’s Zaman, 2014.

Audrey Viguier (CES FLAC Grant Receipient)

Viguier, Audrey. “Au Champ comme à la ville…. les pamphlets parisiens et occitans sur le clergé en 1791.” In Actes du colloque Nouvelle Recherche en domaine occitan: approaches interdisciplinaires – Albi, 11-12.06.2009. (forthcoming 2014).

2014 Viguier, Audrey. “Glissements et variantes sémantiques dans Zamore et Mirza ou L’Esclavage des Noirs (1784) d’Olympe de Gouges.” Nottingham French Studies (forthcoming 2014).

2012 Viguier, Audrey. “L’abbé Gouttes et le curé du Couvent ou les voeux forcés d’Olympe de Gouges (1790).” The French Review. 85.6 (2012): 92-101.2012

Viguier, Audrey.”Le Paysan dans les pamphlets toulousains en occitan: histoire d’une propaganda linguistique révolutionnaire (1789-1794).” Romance Studies. 30.2 (2012): 85-96.

Daniel Watkins (CES Summer FLAS Receipient)

“Leclercq, Jean” in Handbook of Medieval Studies (New York: de Gruyter, 2008).

“French Christianity” in Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization (Oxford: Blackwell, 2008).

“Messiaen, Olivier” in Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization (Oxford: Blackwell, 2008).

“Review: The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization,” in Alpata: Journal of History, vol. 4 (Spring 2007).