Opposition in Ukraine: Ongoing Developments


Paul D’Anieri, Former CLAS Dean, Alice Freifeld, CES Director, and Sergiy Balan, Visiting Scholar

The Bob Graham Center for Public Service, in partnership with the Center for European Studies and the CLAS Dean’s Office, hosted a moderated discussion on the developments and recent anti-government protests in Ukraine on January 14 in the Pugh Hall Ocora.

Sergiy Balan, a visiting Fulbright scholar in political science from Ukraine, was joined by Paul D’Anieri, former dean of the college of liberal arts and sciences and research expert on the international and domestic politics of the Soviet Union, Germany and Ukraine. D’Anieri won a Fulbright Scholarship to Ukraine, where he worked as a visiting scholar at L’viv State University. The conversation was moderated by Alice Freifeld, Director, Center for European Studies.